Marlene D'Orazio Adler

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and now reside in Glenside, PA. I am an art educator and have taught art in public school for 25 years. I hold a BFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of the Arts.

My initial interest was in studying painting and was inspired by the challenges found when attempting to imitate or re-create the various textures found all around me. However, once I discovered printmaking and the art of making handmade paper, I found these disciplines to be much more compatible in enabling me to create the various textural elements that are an integral part of my creative endeavors. I sometimes use found materials such as stones, wire or string and embed these materials into the surface of my handmade papers. I often combine handmade paper and printmaking to create mixed-media works. Many of my works express a variety of symbols to tell a story. The symbols I use can be spiritual, representative of basic elements, and are often inspired by nature.

I also enjoy interior design and freelance as an interior designer. My business is called Lenedora Creations. My service can help you to create a unique and comfortable living space using what you already have. Also, art work can be custom-designed for your home or for special events.

Contact information:
215-576-1911 (H) or