Summer Reflection

One of my goals is to reorganized my art studio space. It is very untidy and I need to create more space for me to work. I almost do not know where to begin because of the piles of materials that need to disassembled and placed in a better space. Stay tuned to hear how successful my goal is met.

I also have been working on a few artworks for upcoming art exhibitions I am participating in the early fall of 2023. One of the exhibition is call the Footsteps of Bazalel at Temple Judea Museum in Elkins Park, PA. The two works that will be on exhibit are below. The other exhibits I am preparing my artwork for are called Feminine Instinct (Old City Jewish Art Center) and Past and Present (3rd Street Gallery).

Title: The Scroll Within

Medium: Linocut and mixed media collage.


This artwork expresses the beauty of the mezuzah itself and the spiritual principles found with the mezuzah. There is a scroll in the mezuzah that expresses two spiritual principles found in the Torah: the unity of God and the love of God. It is customary to affix the mezuzah on the door post of a Jewish home. It is a reminder of these important spiritual principles and your home should be a sacred space. It is all a reminder when you leave your home to take these spiritual principles with you as you go about your day. 

The Scroll Within Lino-cut and Mixed Media

Title: Ancient Structure

Medium: Drypoint with Watercolor


Hebrew is an ancient language and the Hebrew alphabet is the unique visual structure giving form and shape to the words that support the sounds and inflections of this beautiful language.

This artwork reflects the structure of words formed by the letters in the alphabet. The black lines remind me of architectural linear forms that are essential to balance the structure of a building. My composition represents how the structure of language builds upon letters to form words. 

Ancient Structure Dry Point and Watercolor

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